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03/10/2018 - Exeter Ladies 1s vs. Bristol 1s

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Win: 7-5

Overall, it was an encouraging start to the EULC Ladies 1's season with a 7-5 victory over our West Country rivals, Bristol. Despite being 3-5 down as half time was called and the oranges appeared, the 1s were able to dig deep and secure the W for their first match of the 2018/19 season. Notably, not conceding a goal in the second half.

Down in D, Beccie Dunnet was named Woman of the Match for her strong leadership and stable bucket defence. Welsh lacrosse’s sweetheart and team vice-captain Isobel Woods was the other Women of the Match, as she brought home a hat-trick. Other EULC goal scorers were: Clare Jansen, Lissy Garland, Freya Hopkisson and Liv Thomas.

The evening bus back down South saw the return of fresh-factor as we joined forces with the EUHC Men's and Women's 1s. For EULC, with fresh-factor so too returned the infamous unanswered question: “Why was she born so beautiful?”

Get well soon to our goalie Katie Jackson who broke her finger in training on Monday. We hope she has a speedy recovery in time to continue our winning streak.


Beccie Dunnet and Isobel Woods


Goes to Molly Hawker, for successfully breaking her stick on a Bristol player, and getting distracted enough by this minor inconvenience that Bristol were able to score a goal.

Goal Scorers:

  1. Isobel Woods - 3

  2. Clare Jansen -1

  3. Lissy Garland - 1

  4. Liv Thomas - 1

  5. Freya Hopkisson - 1


Written by Molly Hawker


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