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Men's Lacrosse

The Men's Club at Exeter offers you the chance to play the fast-paced, tough, and scrappy sport that is Men's Lacrosse.

We field 2 BUCS teams; our First Team plays in the Southern Premiership League and is made up of our more experienced players. The Men's 2s is where the members of the club begin their BUCS career, and is the starting point for newer members playing their first games. You can read below about our BUCS teams. 

We take players of all ability, and no lacrosse experience is required. Don't worry if you have never played before as most of the freshers are in the same boat every year.  Luckily, lacrosse can pull skills from many other sports, and most people can get the hang of it quickly. 

EULC also plays in SEMLA competitions, which you can read about below.

If you have experience playing before, don't hesitate to get in touch to trial for your spot on the First Team, and/or participate in preseason when term starts.

Men's Club Leadership

Meet the team behind the Men's Club

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Men's 1s Captain

George Sherry

George has played Men's 1s his whole Exeter Career and is leading the team for 2023/23. He has played for Scotland as a midfielder, and plays attack for EULC. 

If you're Interested in getting in touch:


Men's Club Captain

George Corbett

George plays as a goalkeeper for Men's 1s and has also captained the Mixed Team. He helps train the new goalkeepers. 

For any questions, email George at:


Head Coach

Billy Rawlins

Billy has 4 years of playing experience at the university level and is now entering his second year coaching at EULC.

He plays box (indoor) lacrosse for England and plays midfield for Hampstead Lacrosse Club.

Men's 1st Team

The Mens 1s offers the best that EULC has to offer, competing in the BUCS Southern Premiership League. 

The 2022-23 season was very successful for the club, starting with the 1s finishing third in the table, winning 6 of their 10 games in the regular season. 

During Term 2, the team competed at both at the university level and the club level. The Mens 1s made the quarter finals of the BUCS national cup, falling only to eventual champions Nottingham Trent.

Later in Term 2, the Men's 1s competed in the SEMLA Flags tournament - a tournament open to all club teams from southern England. 

The team would go on to win their division for the SEMLA Flags, defeating Stoke City 14-7 in the final (pictured below).

The game was live-streamed and can be accessed here.

The squad is lead by Captain George Sherry and Coach Billy Rawlins. With the SEMLA win under their belt, the Mens 1s are looking to push for more silverware in the coming seasons. 

If you have experience playing mens lacrosse prior to Exeter University, and would like to get involved with playing for the Mens 1s, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Mens Club Captain

 George Corbett -

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Men's 2s & Beginner's

Men's 2s

The Men's 2s squad is our entry point for the Men's Club. Our freshers fill the ranks of our 2s team where we train the new players on the ins and outs of lacrosse. They compete in the Southern League 2A & the Western Conference Cup. The team have been finalists several times in the last few years, winning in 2021/22.

We take players of all ability and skill, and get them competing at a high standard for their division in only 2 months for the start of their BUCS Season (Nov-Feb). 


Lacrosse is often a new sport for boys but we endeavour to get new players up to scratch and playing for the Men's 2s as soon as possible. We run several sessions for the beginners throughout the week, with some exclusive to the beginners to help get the core skills down, and others integrated with the whole club to keep the men's side of EULC as a cohesive unit. 

Men's Lacrosse can take several transferable skills from other sports, such as the hand-eye coordination of hockey or cricket, the movement and positioning of football, and the contact elements from rugby. Experience in any of these sports is a fantastic gateway into this brilliant sport and club. 

SEMLA Membership

For Non-students who are interested in Men's Lacrosse, EULC is a viable option for you in the South West. Our affiliation with SEMLA allows us to enter teams into competition without the limits of BUCS. Every year we enter the SEMLA Flags tournament in Term 2 - for which we are the defending champions. 

Outside from competition, you are more than welcome to attend training, as we encourage all our members to be as involved in the club as possible. 

Our training sessions are throughout the week on both grass and 3G artificial turf, with sessions at a variety of times. We have a very much 'pitch up & play' attitude to accommodate members who may not always have the time to attend every sessions.  

If interested in playing SEMLA for EULC, get in touch with George (the Club Captain) here:

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