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Mixed Lacrosse

EULC has a long standing mixed tradition. Both for those who play competitively for the men’s or women’s sides and for those who just fancy playing mixed. Our mixed side is very inclusive and we highly encourage everyone to come and give it a go. Training is every Thursday evening, and is almost exclusively casual friendlies. Upon joining EULC, everyone is assigned to one of 6 teams which compete in an internal intramural mixed tournament throughout the year; these matches are held on Saturdays and are of a light-hearted and social nature. The Saturday matches usually have an exceptional turnout with over 100 people turning up throughout the 3 games, so they are a great way to get to know the rest of the club.  


There are other mixed events and tournaments such as our summer mixed charity tournament which is held after summer exams. Credited by many as a highlight of their year, the tournament boasts sun, a BBQ, music and good lacrosse, all down at our local pitches.

In recent years Exeter has consistently played against Bristol in what is always an enjoyable a tight mixed fixture. 

Our 6 Teams, and previous results and photos, can be seen below:

2022/23 Season

In the 2022/23 Season, Piper clinched victory on goal difference on the final day, firmly making up for any shames from the year before! 

Meanwhile, Alpha had their final hopes brushed away by the champions as their loss on the final day meant they came bottom of the table, and were renamed to "Alhage". 

2021/22 Season

In spite of the threat of covid-19, the league continued, albeit somewhat restricted at times. 

Best went undefeated in the league, running through the whole table and finishing firmly at the top. 

Modge lost the league by a single point, with a neck and neck race with Alpha, leading to them being renamed "Piper".

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