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The Women's Club at Exeter offers something for everyone, with players from complete beginners up to those representing their countries Internationally.


We field 5 BUCS teams, of which three won BUCS silver in the 2022/23 season, as well as a further two teams playing in regional tournaments and a beginners squad.

You can read below about the achievements of our BUCS teams and individual players.

Please see the prospective students tab at the top for information about pre season for the upcoming season, or feel free to contact us for more information!


Women's Club Leadership

Meet the team behind the Women's Club

Women's 1s

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 2022-23 Season

The W1s had a great season over 2022/23, finishing top of the Southern Championship following some testing matches against both Oxford and Cambridge. This sent the team through to the quarterfinals, where they defeated Birmingham to then face Durham in the semifinals. A ferocious start gave the team an early lead which they managed to hold onto until the final whistle.


This win gave the team the incredible opportunity of heading to Big BUCS Wednesday to play Nottingham in the final. After a close fought three quarters, Nottingham pulled away in the final 15 minutes to leave our W1s with a well deserved and highly celebrated BUCS silver medal. The team were pleased with their performance and ecstatic to have had the experience of a BUCS final, but are hoping to go one better this season and take home the gold!

Exeter Lacrosse Current Internationals


Zoe Lovibond - England Senior Women
Alice Ripper - England Senior Women
Fran Rhodes - England Senior Women
Molly Marvin - England Senior Women


Exeter Lacrosse Alumni Internationals

Anna Neville - England Senior Women
Zara Russell - England Senior Women
Tallulah Jeffes - Scotland Senior Women
Teresa Burguera - Spain Senior Women
Millie Hughes - England Senior Women
Liv Thomas - England Senior Women
Hen Watson - Scotland Senior Women
Sophy Coombes-Roberts - Wales Senior Women
Laura Warren - Wales Senior Women

EULC Current Internationals


Previous Form

  • Round 4 BUCS Lacrosse 2015-2016 Trophy View

  • 1st Place BUCS Lacrosse 2015-2016 Western 1A View

  • 2nd Place BUCS Lacrosse 2014-2015 Trophy View

  • 1st Place BUCS Lacrosse 2014-2015 Western 1A View

  • Round 3 BUCS Lacrosse 2013-2014 Trophy View

  • 3rd Place BUCS Lacrosse 2013-2014 Western 1A View

  • Round 3 BUCS Lacrosse 2012-2013 Trophy View

  • 2nd Place BUCS Lacrosse 2012-2013 Western 1A View

  • 3rd Place BUCS Lacrosse 2011-2012 Western 1A View

  • Round 2 BUCS Lacrosse 2011-2012 Trophy View

  • Finished 3rd Women's 1A 2010/11 Western Conference View

  • Finished 3rd Women's 1A 2009/10 Western Conference View

  • Finished 4th Women's 1A 2008/09 Western Conference View

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