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Updated: May 11, 2019

Movember is one of the few times of the year that the whole club truly comes together and raises money for an incredible cause. Prostate cancer, testicular cancer and male suicide are the greatest killer of young men. This can affect brothers, cousins, fathers, any friends and even yourself. We really cannot stress how much your help and donations would be appreciated.

To raise money, the male members of the club will be attempting to grow some very questionable facial hear and a huge round of applause to Alex Powell and Sam Colthup because they have shaved their heads for this amazing charity!

As this is a month-long campaign, we have some exciting things lined up over the next few weeks:

1st November - The Great British Shave Off: featuring a few EULC members shaving their heads for charity

18th November - Who said Movember was just for boys? This year we introduce to you Mosista! This year the AU is creating a sports tournament for the ladies to take part in and help raise some more money. Mosista is a sports varsity for the girls, where we will compete in netball, dodgeball, football and touch rugby

21st November - Charity social: Prizes will be won, outfits can be ridiculed, and most importantly we will raise a tonne of money for this cause. It never disappoints!

We have an EULC Movember Team page where we will be posting updates once November begins. Even a couple of pounds from everyone will go so far and help us smash our target, so any donations would be greatly appreciated. Who says you have to wait until November to start donating? Why not get ahead of the game and fire a few pounds our way now? I promise the shaven heads and sexy moustaches' of EULC's finest will make it very worthwhile.

Thank you so much and stay tuned for updates!

Below are some of our fresh-faced EULC members who can't wait to grow some moustaches!

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