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07/11/18 - Exeter Ladies' 1s vs Bristol 1s

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Win: 13-4

On Wednesday, Bristol came down to Fortress Topsham for a re-match after our narrow win last month. They were raring to go, but we were ready for them and had a huge crowd to support us. Special mention to the boys in the club for their non-stop cheering and Debbie Hopkisson for being our number one fan.

We knew they would come out fighting and the match got off to an aggressive start, but the first draw was ours and we converted within minutes.

We gained a few goals against them, but then they called a time-out and used this to claw their way back. Sadly for them though, our defence were on fire that day and although they held possession for some time, were unable to score and so it was only a matter of time before we turned the ball over and scored 4 goals in quick succession.. The score at half time was 9-3.

The re-defence in the midfield stopped them from fast breaking and we often turned the ball back to our attacking end. We worked the ball round well, but sometimes were too eager to pass into the circle which resulted in some frustrating pitch sprints.

In the second half, we saw some great pitch-time from our attacking freshers Eliza and Charlie, both showing that they meant business and scoring some very satisfying goals.

The final result was hard-earned and everyone worked so hard for the end result, though I can't comment much on the second half, because I left for an interview...

The whole team smashed it and we're feeling confident for the rest of the season.


The whole of the defensive unit!


Isobel Woods for leaving half-way through to go to an interview.


Written by Isobel Woods


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