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24/10/18 - Exeter Ladies' 1s vs Cambridge 1s

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Loss: 14-9

The Women’s 1st lacrosse team started their day off bright and early with a delightful bus journey of 6 hours for our away game against Cambridge – basically the other side of the country. As early as it was, we know that the early bird catches the worm and with that we were set off wanting to win one of our biggest games of the season.

The M4 was shining and so were our moods until we kept thinking we were close to Cambridge, only to check that our SnapMap cars had only moved a few miles between the last time we checked; so we went back to sleep.

Finally, we arrived, played our hype music and started on our warm up. The game began and we set a convincing 3-0 lead in the first 10 minutes of the first half from Emily Elmitt’s shots and the team's work to get it down into attack safely and put away. Cambridge were panicking and we were thriving, some great draw controls were made and we were pinging them into the back of the net; the team was on fire!

The game was competitive, and Cambridge started to come back - we now needed to pull it together before half time to be in control for the second half.

The second half started and it was turning into a very competitive game and the pressure was on. Izzy Rust perhaps took this a bit too far by being sent off for a yellow card with a dangerous tackle forcing the team to be a man down when defending, but we played amazingly and didn’t let a goal in during those 2 minutes! Beccie Dunnet was on it in defence and Liv Thomas was putting in a shift in midfield to get the ball down into attack.

Sadly, Cambridge was getting stronger and they started to pull away no matter how hard we tried to regain the lead. The end result was 14-9 to Cambridge, all gutted we realised that not all early birds catch the worm knowing that Cambridge has it all - intelligence, bright career prospects and a win against us. So we headed back to TP to drown our sorrows about losing and trying to get through another term of trying to average a 2.1.


Emily Elmitt


Izzy Rust for getting yellow carded.


Written by Izzy Rust


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