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17/10/18 - Exeter Ladies' 3s vs Bath 2s

Win: 18-5

For our second match of the year the 3s voyaged in style to Bath university, hitching a lift with the infamous Exeter Chief’s and their loyal driver John. With a word of warning from John, claiming he had never driven a winning lacrosse team, we were determined to forget our rocky start and come home victorious.

Determined, we started strong with a goal off the first whistle from Phoebe Parker, who proved to be an unstoppable force going on to score another 3. With fantastic play from the defence, including some fantastic saves and clears form goalie Claudia Denye, reinforced by greatly improved transitions from the midfield and some fabulous goals from the attack, especially new faces Isla, Anna and Sasha, we travelled home with an overwhelming sense of victory, with an 18-5 win to our name.


Phoebe Parker and Em Lev


Bonnie for leaving her playing shirt on the bus and not being able to get it for the match.

Goal Scorers:

Phoebe - 4

Georgie - 3

Bonnie - 3

Sasha - 2

Georgie H - 2

Isla - 1

Laura - 1

Tashie - 1

Anna - 1


Written by Bonnie Bartlett


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