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31/10/18 - Exeter Ladies' 3s vs Cardiff 2s

Win: 15-6

This week the 3s played Cardiff 2s at Topsham and once again came away with a fantastic victory 15-6.

The first half started slowly, but after a time out called by Cardiff and the umpires finally agreeing to let all players with earrings taped play, we found our flow and the second half was even smoother, with great transitions through midfield and lots of goals scored from attack. The team played so well and in particular this week’s MVP SAB.


Sophie-Anne Brown


Tashie Webb, for nominating herself as MVP.

Goal Scorers:

Bonnie - 4

Georgie Hurford - 3

Emma - 3

Phoebe - 2

Sasha - 2

Liv - 2

Georgie Martin - 1

Anna - 1


Written by Georgie Martin


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