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24/10/18 - Exeter Ladies' 3s vs Bristol 2s

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Win: 15-8

The 24th October saw the Exeter 3s biannual grudge match against the Bristol 2s. After some pumping beats courtesy of Georgie Martin and Fall Out Boy, we were ready to bring it on – all or nothing. Promptly, 2-0 down we realised we had to step it up and step it up we did to bring the score to 5-5 at half-time. Despite the sweltering heat, Exe dug deep and came out on top with a 15-8 victory. Good hustle, defending in the midfield and seeing Georgie Martin actually run gave the team a renewed sense of urgency and energy. Shout out to Natasha Webb for 'getting beat' twice but never giving up and to Claudia Denye for that gorgeous goalie clear to Phoebe Parker.

The real MVP was Lottie Brooks for some great interceptions and her “no one’s getting past her” defence. My favourite match of the season so far, can’t wait for the next!

Congratulations to Jasmine Sketchely on her 3s debut – welcome to the best 3rdteam in the country.


Lottie Brooks


Sophie-Anne Brown (SAB) for no reason.

Apparently she was late but she knew this the day before and had subsequently delegated start of warm-up to experienced teammates.

She also did a cross over but no one noticed. And in fairness she was pushed.

It really should have been Emily Leviseur for locking her keys inside her car.

Goal Scorers:

Georgie martin - 3

Bonnie - 2

Isla - 2

Sasha - 2

Phoebe - 2

Kitty - 1

SAB - 1

Aoife - 1

Laura - 1


Written by Sophie-Anne Brown


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